Goal Setting

What’s Stopping You?

The idea of traveling is a thrilling, breath taking experience. The experiences you’ll earn, the memories you’ll create, and the people you’ll meet are enticing for anyone!

I know for my family when I was younger, it was always about the financial means to pay for the trips such as my study abroad program, or going to Jamaica to see my family, or even just going to another state. Traveling isn’t always cheap and that prevented us from going to a lot of places when I was younger.
Learning what’s stopping you from traveling is the first step in trying to overcome those obstacles. Without knowing, how can you work on what needs to be changed? How can you learn, grow, and travel if you’re still facing the same challenges that haven’t been changed? Identifying setbacks in your life will only lead to better goal setting and planning!

So What’s Stopping You?

In reality, there are so many factors that go into taking a trip. There are some serious things to consider when planning your next trip, and for some people these factors ultimately hinder them from traveling altogether.

Do these things sound familiar? Do you fit into one or more categories?

  1. Not enough time?
  2. Not enough money?
  3. Obligations/responsibilities to keep?
  4. Fear or anxiety of traveling? 
  5. Fear of the unknown?
  6. Poor health?
  7. Safety?
  8. No one to travel with?
  9. No interest in traveling?

You don’t have enough paid time off or time in your life to travel? Are you worried you don’t have enough funds to travel? Do you want to travel the world but don’t want to go alone? Is your health preventing you from traveling or going on planes? Well, you are not alone and I’m here to tell you that with so many factors stacked against it can seem very hopeless and overwhelming.

All the reasons listed, and even the ones I didn’t mention, are all valid reasons which may prevent people from traveling. Each of us come from different walks of life with different experiences that have shaped and defined us.

 It is important to take a look at what’s going on in your life that may be hindering your ability to travel. Only then will you be able to start setting some goals to overcome those roadblocks!

As I mentioned earlier, everyone is different and each obstacle needs to be identified and addressed when trying to make travel arrangements. But don’t think that since there’s a roadblock that means I can’t travel! You have to make some adjustments, plan ahead, and do your research to go where you want to go.