My Story, Travel Tattoos

Why I got this Tattoo?

Why the Tattoo?

Not only am I a traveler but I’m also an avid tattoo collector. I love getting tattoos and collecting a variety of different styles. I’m slowly working on building that collection.
But I digress. So, why did I get this tattoo? For a number of reasons actually. I know, I know, as an avid tattoo collector I got a very Pinterest type of tattoo. Although I’m proud to admit I took this idea from Pinterest, and I apologize to the original person who got it and everyone else out there who hates the typical Pinterest tattoo, but this tattoo has a lot of meaning to me.

It Reduces my Anxiety

I love traveling, I love being on a plane, however I have so much anxiety when I’m in a plane!!! I’m always afraid something is going to happen on the plane, or something doesn’t go according to the schedule, or we hit severe turbulence or “bad air”. It gets so bad that it brings tears to my eyes and I start to low key cry in my seat before we even take off! 
However, having this tattoo on my left forearm helps to calm me down. It sounds silly, but all I have to do is look at my tattoo and my anxiety decreases significantly! I like to think of it as a unique coping mechanism I use when flying. Whether I’m flying within the states or abroad, this tattoo helps to alleviate some of the stress I feel about being on a plane. 

I Love getting Tattoos!

Did I mention I’m an avid tattooer and love getting tattoos? I mean it, it’s like my third passion (next to traveling and reading about creepy stuff)! I have several other travel related tattoos actually, and I plan on discussing them later on, but this was the first travel tattoo I got. 
I’m always looking for an excuse to get a tattoo, and this tattoo was a very spontaneous one. I rarely get ones like that but when I saw this on Pinterest I just had to get it! And that’s one more tattoo I can add to my collection.

It Reminds me Why I Travel

The most important reason why I got this tattoo is because it reminds me about my passion. It serves as a reminder as to why I continue to get on a plane despite my anxiety. It is a permanent reminder of my passion for travel and how I cannot let anything stop me from doing what I love!

It just melts my fears away every time I look at it. No matter what’s going on in my life, no matter how bad things get, this tattoo motivates me to keep pushing through it all so I can continue my passion. This little tattoo gives me something to look forward to in life, and motivates me to keep planning, researching, and to never give up!