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Do Your Research!

If there’s anything I’ve learned in all my time in college, and even now as a graduate student, I learned that you HAVE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH! However, this doesn’t only apply to college students, it applies to everyone and in every aspect of their daily lives.

Why Do I Have To Do Research?

Whether you are writing a paper in college, looking for a good daycare for your child, or planning on traveling, it is important that you put in the work it takes to find the best quality information on what you’re looking for.

Especially if you’re traveling, whether you’re staying within your city, state, or country, you need to do research so you’re not only prepared financially or on what activities you’ll do (although those are also very important and need to be researched), but so you’re more aware and knowledgable on the climate, ethics, culture, and safety concerns that accompany your travel destination.

This was something that is going to vary based on where you’re traveling to. Places with cultures, norms, climates, and attitudes that are different from your native country need to be researched ahead of time so you are not putting yourself in danger, bringing unwanted attention towards yourself, or so that you don’t offend or insult any of the locals.

For instance, the customs and attitudes of the USA are very different from the customs and attitudes of Japan. Or, maybe where you’re from you can wear shorts. But if you’re traveling to a more conservative country, wearing shorts will clash with the norms of that country. You get the idea.

What should I research?

There are so many things to consider when you’re traveling. It can be very overwhelming and tedious at times, and believe me I get it!  

Here are 10 things to research:

  1. Vaccines or other medical concerns 
  2. Travel alerts or advisories
  3. Currency
  4. Local culture (customs, etiquette,  food, etc.)
  5. Outlets
  6. Climate
  7. Visa entry requirements or restrictions
  8. Emergency numbers and your country’s embassy (for emergencies)
  9. Language (dialects, phrases, etc.)
  10. Transportation within your destination

Now, there are so many other things to research before going to your travel location. Things to also research include, spending money, accommodations, clothing, plane tickets, excursions, equipment, and the list goes on. Depending on where you live and where you’re traveling to, you can get by without much research into things such as currency or emergency numbers. For example, if I were traveling from Pennsylvania to California, the emergency contact number in the USA is 911, the national language of the USA is English, and there are no additional requirements when traveling within the states. I really wouldn’t need to research language or currency because the currency here is US dollars, although I could do some research on the local customs, food, and transportation options as being in the rural area of Pennsylvania varies greatly from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco or LA.

The things mentioned in the previous sentence are very important and should not be neglected when you are doing your research. It is somewhat of a given that you would research where you’re going to stay, how much the plane or cruise tickets cost, or what you plan on doing while traveling.

However, the 10 things mentioned in the list are arguably the most crucial things to research. Especially when you are going to another country, you MUST research the visa requirements, any restrictions or vaccines needed, the language of the country, and so on. If you fail to do your research, then you will not have the necessary information and tools needed to make your travel plans successful. Or, depending on where you’re going, you may be denied entry into the country!!

 Websites such as and are great resources for any travel advisories or health notices for any given place.