My Travel Collection

It’s no secret that I love to travel! But while I’m traveling I always  purchase little things that serves as a memento of my time traveling. These items are then added to my travel collection, which basically is my collection of items I’ve collected while traveling. The items I purchase to add to my travel collection will vary based on the location I’m in. In the UK and Europe I purchased  a lot of laser art crystals of the locations, here in the USA I’ve purchased things from snow globes to little trinkets from touristy stores.

I love collecting these things whenever I go to a new location! When I own a house in the future I cannot wait to have a whole shelf dedicated to displaying my globes, laser art crystals, and other little trinkets from my travels. Each piece I have reminds me of the memories I created while traveling. If you don’t have a travel collection I highly recommend starting one, because it is a great way to create memories and landmarks of places you’ve visited.


These are the laser art crystals I collected while in the UK and Europe. I don’t count the Greece crystal because I didn’t go there myself, but my best friend went there and brought that back as a gift to me. All the other crystals are from the countries I’ve traveled to.

Here, there are crystals from (from left to right) Paris, Greece, London, Edinburgh, Ireland, and Italy. These laser art crystals are beautiful! I love looking at each of them and being able to physically see landmarks or symbols each place is known for. Like for England, I purchased the London skyline crystal. If you haven’t guessed by now, from all the posts, pictures, and tattoos I have of this place, I LOVE LONDON! When I look at that skyline, it brings back so many memories and emotions from my time there, and it provides me with a view of the beautiful landmarks in London.

Personally, I love laser crystal art the most because it is such a beautiful, clear, elegant way of capturing amazing scenery or pictures of your favorite things. Since these were everywhere across the pond I went all out and bought them.


When I go to other states in the USA, and even a couple of times in other countries, I really couldn’t find laser art crystals in the stores I went to. But that’s alright, I just bought new item: snow globes! Snow globes are so cute and fun to have, and I love twirling them around to see the snow falling over the cities.

From left to right we have snow globes from Luray Caverns (Virginia), Niagara Falls (Canada), München (Germany, and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). These are such cute mementos and I love having them displayed on my coffee table.


Finally, we have these little guys here. These are the trinkets that I found in stores that weren’t the typical tourist spots. Usually when I buy things like this I’m nowhere close to a “tourist hotspot” or any big city/landmark. I buy these when I’m visiting locations that are more laid back, in the mountains, country side, or overall out of the way places. It doesn’t show any of the scenery but they’re still cute reminders of my time in destinations.

From left to right there’s the apple (Massachusetts), turn style globe (Ohio), and the turtle (Myrtle Beach).

These are just some of the other items I’ve collected over the years, and after this pandemic is over, I’ll continue to add to my collection!