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My Time In London

From August to December of 2015, I had the best time of my life! I was studying abroad in London, exploring the UK and Europe, meeting some amazing people, and living the dream. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my senior year in college.


If you’ve read about my blog post a while ago on culture shock, which I will link here if you’d like to read that first, you’ll know that my time in London wasn’t all smooth sailing and easy. For a little bit in the beginning, it was ignorant bliss. As time went on, and that culture shock hit me, it was a struggle to get past it and focus on the bigger picture.


With some help and time, I was able to overcome my culture shock and live my life in London! I was able to visit so many places, both in England and out of it, see a variety of things, and participate in activities!

My friends and I randomly stumbled upon the movie premier for Spectre, we stumbled upon the red carpet for the Steve Jobs movie where we saw the actors, we took random walks and adventures in London and found some amazing places.


We went to Harrods, to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, found an American grocery store to ease our homesickness, and explored the vast array of shops and locations London had to offer. I learned first hand how early things close in London, how different the food was, how overall beautiful and diverse the city was.

Although I faced some hard times where I had panic attacks, a roommate that wasn’t so great, had no money because my credit cards were maxed out, I was still able to overcome my obstacles and enjoy what was happening in London. I wouldn’t trade in my time in London, no matter how depressed or broke I was, for anything in the world! London will always have a special place in my heart and I am grateful I had the opportunity to live there for a short time.


We’ll meet again very soon, London, until next time!