Travel Tattoos

Travel The Globe – Why I Got This Tattoo

Hey guys! I’m back with another blog post on, you guessed it, another travel related tattoo. I absolutely love getting tattoos and it should not be a surprise that I’m showcasing another one.

So, why did I get this tattoo? Well, I absolutely love traveling (not a huge shocker) and I wanted to get a tattoo that illustrated my love for my passion. Not just getting a tattoo of something specific but something very big! I thought, “why not get a tattoo of the whole world?”. My goal is to travel to all 7 continents in my lifetime, so getting a tattoo of an atlas was the perfect idea to illustrate travel and my future goals.


Pardon the redness on my leg as this was the same day I got it done and the weird angle since I took this myself. But it is basically an atlas, a map of the continents and landmasses of the world, with geometric shapes incorporated into it. I absolutely love this tattoo and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. Everyone who sees it always tells me that I should shade in the places I’ve visited already. But I like the outline without shading so I’ll keep it the way it is. 

Well, there you have it! Another tattoo that shows the world my love for travel and all the continents I plan to travel to in the future!