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5 Fall Activities in Pennsylvania

It’s that time of year again! The weather gets cooler, the air feels crisp, you put on your cozy sweater and get a cup of your favorite hot drink to sip. Fall is here and everyone is looking forward to the beautiful leaves, cozy clothing, and fun fall festivities!

Pennsylvania is such a beautiful and vibrant state to visit. Between the rolling hills, valleys filled with small towns, scenic nature views, and city activities, there’s a little bit for everyone to explore and enjoy. If you’re able to travel this year, I recommend traveling to Pennsylvania and partaking in these 5 fall activities! Not only will you get to experience the beauty of Pennsylvania during the fall but you’ll have some fun with these activities.

1. Fall Foliage

Who doesn’t love looking at the beautiful array of colors on trees across vast rolling hills or mountains? With the fall season already here, and the leaves turning into amazing colors, you can’t help but to gaze at them and fall in love. You can drive anywhere in Pennsylvania, no matter if you’re in the bustling city of Philadelphia or up in the mountains of Erie, and see dozens of trees topped with colors of the fall rainbow. Trust me, there’s no shortage of beautiful fall foliage in the keystone state!

2. Pumpkin Picking

It’s only appropriate that we include pumpkin picking on this list. There’s plenty of pumpkin patches all over Pennsylvania to choose from! During the fall season, people run to their nearest pumpkin patch to select that perfect pumpkin! You can carve the pumpkin for the spooky season, use it as decor in your house or office, make pumpkin pies, and much more! It’s a great activity if your going solo, with a significant other, friend(s), or with family. Pumpkin picking is something you have to do when you are in Pennsylvania.

3. Paranormal or Horror Tours

No list would be complete if we left out all the cool paranormal, horror, or haunted attractions. It’s only fair to include some of the many activities one can partake in for the spooky season. Recently, my friend and I went to Philadelphia to partake in the Eastern State Penitentiary’s night tour where we walked around the whole penitentiary, with an audio guide in hand, and learned about the history of this famous place. Eastern State Penitentiary also has their haunted attraction “Terror Behind the Walls” but is not holding that this year due to COVID-19. But, it is something you can hopefully do in the future. I’ve done the “Terror Behind the Walls” attraction years ago and it’s amazing.

Some other tours you can do in Pennsylvania is Pennhurst Asylum (offer daytime, haunted, and overnight paranormal tours), Gettysburg ghost tour, the Farnsworth House, the Bates Motel, and so many other tours! I guarantee you there’s a tour out there that’ll peak your interest in the paranormal or horror area.

4. Corn Mazes

Anyone else get kind of spooked out when they hear corn mazes or is it just me? Well, not all corn mazes are spooky. Some of them are very fun and mild for anyone to go through. One corn maze I’ve been to a few times is Duncan’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. Currently, it’s $10 per person and you get to take your time going through the maze. Once inside the maze, there are questions you have to answer on a topic. I remember one year it was on milk and another year it was on William Penn. The right answer will lead you down the right path to the next question, the wrong answer will lead you down the wrong path and you’ll probably get lost, answer the questions correctly and you get to exit the maze.

However, this isn’t the only maze in the state and I encourage you to check out some of the one’s that are close to where you’ll be staying. It’s such a classic fall activity that you should take advantage of when traveling around this time of year.

5. Amusement Parks

Finally, you must check out some of the amusement parks in Pennsylvania! Hershey Park and Dorney Park are Halloween themed during certain days and times during the fall season, and I encourage you to check them out if you ever visit Pennsylvania. I’ve been to them in the past when I was younger and I enjoyed them even though I was scared half the time. Traveling with children? No problem! Visit Sesame Place with your children to experience some fun and Halloween activities! These three aren’t the only amusement parks in Pennsylvania, there’s plenty more where that came from! Everything from the fall decorations to the spooky rides will give you all the fall and scary vibes you’re looking for!

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