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How to Pack your Luggage for Fall Travel

Let’s face it, packing is not fun at all. It is probably the least favorite part of any traveler’s trip but it is also something that’s really important. The tricky part about packing is trying to fit all your essentials into your luggage with enough space left over. You can check out a post I created on packing here on packing and my other post on having one carry on when traveling.

However, when you are traveling during the fall, packing becomes a bit trickier as you probably will have to pack thicker clothing or clothing that takes up more space. Packing shorts and dresses for your summer travels is easy enough but for the fall you may have to think about packing some thick pants, leggings, sweatpants even, sweaters, you get the idea. Those articles of clothing take up so much space and time just trying to fit them into your luggage.

Despite that, it is possible to pack for fall travel. The type of fall outfits you choose to pack will depend on your destination, the weather, the types of activities you want to do, and so forth. So make sure to do some research. Keep reading to find out more on how to pack for fall travel!

1. Wear your Clothing and Footwear

One of the tricks to packing for fall is wearing the bulkier, thicker, or heavier clothing so that way it doesn’t take up much space. It’ll save you energy and space to wear that cute sweater or coat while traveling then trying to fit it into your luggage. Those amazing burgundy colored high boots you want to pack? Wear them when you travel so you save some room. The more you layer the better off it’ll be.

2. Think Bigger Luggage

As mentioned before, the fall season calls for bulkier clothing. Depending on where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and other factors will determine what you need to bring. I’d recommend going a bit bigger with your luggage bag if you can.

Bikinis, tank tops, shorts, and dress don’t take up much space so you can get away with smaller luggage bags or drawstring backpacks. However, thick sweaters, longer pants, and coats take up more space. So, it makes sense to utilize luggage bags that are bigger or have more space in general.

3. Pick Essential Clothing

It is important to pick and choose the clothing you’ll need the most when traveling during the fall. Although you may want to pack those 3 cute sweaters or booties (I get it, I’ve been there too), they may not all fit into your luggage and you’ll lose precious space.

Prepare before hand by making a list of essential fall clothes or outfits you’ll need to bring for your trip. The better prepare you are with planning, and picking only essential clothing, the more your future self will thank you for saving space, time, and energy! Remember, less is more.

4. Use Organizers

With the precious space you do have in your luggage, try to use organizers to help you organize the rest of your items. Whether it’s electronics, makeup, toiletries, or whatever else you may need, using organizers can help a great deal with staying organized and taking up less space in your luggage.

5. Roll, Don’t Fold

One of the classic tips of packing any luggage is to roll and not fold your clothes. Especially during the fall when you have thicker, bulkier clothes it is best to roll them. If you fold your clothes it takes up more space. By rolling, you’re creating more space in your luggage.