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15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

For travel bloggers, vloggers, and all travelers alike, this year has been a difficult one to say the least. With the pandemic in full swing, traveling was very limited or restricted in some cases. Travel plans have been canceled or postponed, and we’ve had to rethink our whole year. Even for those who have traveled during the pandemic, myself included, it didn’t feel the same. With many procedures in place, restaurants, businesses, and attractions closed, the overall travel atmosphere wasn’t the same. But, you try your best to make the most of it!

Despite the events which transpired this year, we need to be thankful for the good in our lives and look forward to a brighter future! The bad times won’t last and hopefully in 2021 we can all travel again and get our wanderlust fix! In the meantime, we can always research and plan our next travel trip, and reminisce on our past trips.

Even through this whole pandemic, our love and passion for travel has not died! Until things with the pandemic are better, we can only maintain that flame through planning future trips, reminiscing of past ones, and cherishing items which showcase our love for all things travel. For the holiday season of 2020, there are a variety of things you can get your fellow traveler to illustrates their passion for wanderlust and aid them in future travels. Here are 15 holiday gifts you can get for those special travelers in your life.

1. Travel Themed Masks

This gift is a necessity for 2020 and will probably be for most of 2021. Wearing a mask has become a component of our lives during the pandemic and it is unlikely to go away anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear an ordinary mask!

These travel themed masks are the perfect gifts for travelers because they display our love for travel! My mom got me an England and Ireland mask, both of which have little images of what each country is known for, and I absolutely love them! You can get a mask for almost any country and it is a great way to show others how traveling is part of your mind, body, and soul!

2. Travel Themed Warmers

Travel themed warmers are amazing! Not only do they make your house or apartment smell amazing but they come in such cute and unique designs. So every time you use your warmer, you’ll always have a little something to remind you of traveling and your love for the wanderlust life!

My mom, once again, got these travel themed warmers for me and I love them! They’re the perfect items for me and I love staring at them and thinking about travel. It makes me very happy and it gives me some hope for the future when I can travel again.

3. Travel Cable Organizer

As a travel blogger who over the summer started a YouTube channel, I have obtained a lot of cables and cords. For example, I have cable cords for my camera, GoPro, external hard drive, you get the idea. Not to mention my phone charger, iPad charger, and the other chargers I need, it’s become a struggle to stay organized while traveling.

No need to worry! If you have multiple cables having a travel cable organizer is an essential to help keep you organized. In addition, it is a great gift to give a traveler so they can use it on their next trip.

4. Travel Laundry Bag

It may sound silly to have a laundry bag when you travel, and it may be crazy to gift one to a traveler, but having one has its benefits! How many times have you traveled, didn’t have access to a washing machine but didn’t know where to put your dirty clothes? And you don’t want to put your dirty clothes in the same bag as your clean clothes. Well, having a laundry bag will help you out so you’re not mingling your clean and dirty clothes on the road.

5. Card Holder

When I travel, I tend to only bring certain cards with me to reduce bulkiness, the amount of cards I travel with, and to stay organized. Especially if you’re a traveler who loves to backpack or get off the beaten track, having a small and slim card holder is the type of thing you need to keep your valuable cards and cash concealed.

There are so many different styles and colors to choose from so you can truly give a personalized card holder to your traveler for the holidays.

6. Passport Holder

Passport holders are a cheap yet beneficial item to get any traveler for the holidays. Having a passport holder protects your passport from any wear and tear and it is another way to stay organized with your travel documents. Since most passport holders have card holders, slots for any travel ticket, and space for cash, it is a useful item to have for any travel trips you take.

7. Travel Pouch

I made a YouTube video on my travel pouch and why I carry a travel pouch with me on any trip I take. You can get any style and size travel pouch for your traveler this holiday. The best part is that this is something very useful to have and can be utilized on any type of trip. You can keep your most used items in here, or any necessity you need for trips, and keep it with them in a travel bag or purse because of it’s size. This is something no traveler should be without!

8. Packing and Compression Cubes

Packing and compression cubes are such a life saver when it comes to travel! They keep all your clothes organized, rolled tight, and compressed to ensure maximum space in any type of travel luggage you use. Although they are similar in nature there is a slight difference between packing and compression cubes.

Packing cubes are simply cubes you put your rolled up or folded clothes into. It is a great way to stay organized and ensure extra space in your bag. However, the clothes you roll or fold into the packing cube will not be compressed or squeezed to reduce the actual size of the cube. If you stuff your cube with clothes, and it is a bit bulky, then that is how it’s going to stay. Yet, packing cubes are amazing because they allow you extra flexibility with the way you pack and shape the cube. For example, if your cube is lumpy you can always squeeze the cube and mold the cube into another shape so it can fit into your bag.

On the other hand, compression cubes do the same thing as packing cubes. However, with compression cubes you have the ability to compress them. The second zipper feature allows you to really condense the size and shape of the cube to the smallest possible form. So, if your cube is looking a little bulky or big, you can easily use the second zipper to further squeeze or compress the cube to get the tightest and smallest fit.

Having these types of cubes is so beneficial and time saving that any traveler should receive this as their gift this season.

9. Travel Blanket

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that I get cold very easily no matter where I am. I always need extra layers of clothing, extra sweaters, or a blanket to keep me warm. If this sounds like a traveler you know then I highly recommend you gift them a travel blanket for the holiday season.

Travel blankets provide not only that extra warmth but that extra comfort for travelers on their trip. You can get just a traditional blanket which is small enough to be packed away while traveling. However, I recommend a travel blanket that can fold up into a small pillow! This provides any traveler that versatility of becoming either a pillow (to sleep on a plane or a long bus ride) or a blanket to keep you warm during colder days/nights.

10. Travel Organizers

Any traveler will tell you how important it is to try to stay as organized as possible with your belongings. Having a travel organizer makes life ten times easier when you have one place to put all your stuff, keep your items organized, reduce the amount of clutter in your bag, and ensure nothing is left behind or lost.

11. Adapter

For those travelers who love to step foot on other shores across the world, having an adapter is essential! Whether you’re traveling to a neighboring country or flying 20 hours to the other side of the globe, you need an adapter so your devices physical/electrical attributes can be compatible with the new country’s electrical outlet. If not, then you can’t use the electrical socket or outlet for your needs.

Having this type of adapter also takes away the hassle of keeping track of multiple adapters for different countries. Everything you need is easily accessible in this small adapter cube.

12. Travel Bag

You can’t go on any trip without taking a travel bag, right? You need to have a bag that you keep by your side throughout the duration of your trip (think of a personal item you’d take on a plane). Something that can hold things you’d need when roaming around a city for a day or a hike. There are so many travel bags out there for every type of travel, so it’s all about finding and tailoring the right bag to match the traveler! Just to give you an idea here’s a link to my video on my travel bag.

Whether you need a day bag, a tote bag, a backpack, crossbody bag, there’s something for everyone and it is a great item to have with you when you travel. Therefore, this gets added to the list of gifts for travelers!

13. Scratch Off Map

A scratch off map is a wonderful gift for a traveler! It’s a great and colorful way to keep track of the places you’ve traveled to so you can see your progress. It also can give travelers some inspiration on where to travel to next! I have two scratch off maps that I bought from Newverest – one of the United States and one of the world. I love keeping track of my travels, and when I own a home one day, I’m going to display my scratch off maps in a frame. I’m sure any traveler would love this so they can display their accomplishments.

14. Travel Chain Country Collection

This is something I recently discovered thanks to advertisements on Instagram. You basically buy a clip chain in any color you desire and buy the tokens to add to it. They have a variety of different tokens for different places (countries, states, national parks, etc.) for you to buy and add to your chain to show off all the places you’ve been to. I asked my boyfriend to get this as my Christmas present and I cannot wait to start my collection! It’s a very cute, small, and stylish way of displaying your past travels and it can clip onto any bag you wish to put it on.

15. Travel Watch

Last but not least, we have travel watches! This is another item I discovered while scrolling through Instagram. For those who aren’t into the smart watches or Fitbits, this analogue watch with the world atlas on the inside is the perfect gift for travelers. They tell time, have a cute and stylish look, and display the whole world for all to see. It’s a beautiful way to have a piece of the world with you everyday when you’re not traveling and should be on your list of gifts to get for that traveler in your life!

It’s been a hard year for everyone and I know that travelers out there, myself included, cannot wait to travel again! I hope that day may come sooner rather than later. But in the meantime, these holiday gifts will make any traveler happy. Not only are these gifts beautiful, but they show off the love for travel and have practical uses as well. You get the best of both worlds and any traveler would be happy and thankful for these gifts. Happy holidays and I hope you all enjoy it!

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