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Have too many things? How to Pack your Carry-On for your Return Flight

Let’s face it; we leave extra room in our bags, buy a few things, the next thing we know our luggage is overflowing. You thought you didn’t buy too many things, turns out it was quite a bit. That’s ok, we’ve all been there before. I’ve experienced this many times in the past.

Now that you have extra things to take back home, how do you fit it into your luggage? To make things worse, your luggage is only a carry-on. Not only do your items have to fit into luggage, but luggage that must be small enough to fit into an overhead bin or underneath your seat.

If you’re someone who buys a lot of souvenirs (no judgement if you do), then you know how much of a struggle it is to fit everything back into that suitcase. It’s so annoying, exhausting, and time consuming. The worst part is that your things may or may not fit into that carry-on.

Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do! With a little finagling and some tips you can fit your items into your carry-on luggage for that return flight!

1. Put big, bulky things at the bottom

If you bought items that are particularly bulky or just big in size, try to fit them at the bottom of your luggage. Since they take up more space, you want them to be at the bottom to the top of your luggage isn’t bursting at the seams.

2. Roll up any clothing

Roll and don’t fold your clothing. Rolling your clothing gives you extra space. Especially if you’ve bought a lot of things while traveling, rolling your clothing will provide you with more room to store your purchases.

3. Put smaller items on the outside of your luggage

If you purchased tiny items, like magnets or postcards, put them on the outside pockets of your luggage. They shouldn’t take up space and this ensures you have room on the inside for those bigger items.

4. Wear extra items

Any clothing that can’t fit into your luggage, just wear it. I did this when I was returning from Florida and it worked out perfectly. This also gives you more room inside your carry-on for bigger items that you can’t wear or carry.

5. Use Ziplock bags

You can bring extra ziplock bags, or purchase them, but use them to store your extra items. It provides more organization and extra room in your carry-on.

6. Store smaller items in your pockets

Depending on what you purchases, you can get away with putting those things into your pockets. Whether it’s a jacket or pant pocket, if it’s small enough and fits then stuff it in. You want to save your carry-on for those harder to carry items.

7. Ditch extra packaging

If your souvenirs came with extra packaging, like boxes, leave them behind. Unless your souvenir(s) is fragile and needs that box for protection, those boxes are bulky, heavy, and use up a lot of space. If it’s not necessary, throw them away so you have more room to pack your belongings.

8. Use a Tetris system

If you can master this art form, you can pack anything! It may be hard at times, but fitting your belongings into your luggage like a Tetris game will ensure your things fit like a glove. You don’t want to just put things in there, on top of each other, without regards to size, shape, and how each item will fit side by side.

That way, big or small, all of your items are stored in your carry-on. It’s all about figuring out which piece can fit nice next to another item.

9. Put items into your clothing

This is something that can provide those fragile items with extra cushion and stability in your carry-on. For those special, breakable items, you can store them in your articles of clothing like socks, pants, or shirts.

You avoid bringing bulky boxes in your luggage while also providing that extra layer of protection and saving space for that return flight.

10. Use extra packing cubes

Packing cubes are an amazing way of organizing and packing your clothes! When you travel, bring extra packing cubes with you so you can store extra clothing or items you purchased on your trip.

The concept is similar to the one tip on using a ziplock bag. It’s just something extra for you to bring that can help you later on with organization and space conservation.

I hope these tips helped you to solve some of those problems travelers face with packing luggage for return flights, happy travels!

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