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Airbnb Review: Salt Lake City Airbnb – 3 Day Stay

Taking your first solo trip is such a huge accomplishment in and of itself. It’s not that easy to work up the courage to plan a whole trip and take it, by yourself, in a new place.

When you’re planning your solo trip, whether it’s your first time or your 10th time, looking for an accommodation is super important. You want to ensure you’re staying in a safe area, with easy access to things, and possibly with a social environment.

Depending on the type of person you are, and the type of trip you’re planning to take, will also dictate the type of accommodation you search for. Plus price point, of course, as travelers have different budgets. There’s a lot that goes into getting the right place for your stay.

For my first solo trip, I decided to go with an Airbnb in Salt Lake City. I chose this for a few reasons.

  1. I was traveling all over Utah, visiting different national parks, and didn’t want to stay in one place
  2. The hotels/accommodations close to the parks were 2-3x the price because they’re close to an attraction
  3. The Airbnb I chose was relatively cheap
  4. It was close to the Salt Lake City airport and the city itself

I could’ve gone with another type of stay, like a hostel or hotel, but decided not to. If I was staying in one area, exploring over a few days, I would’ve picked something other than an Airbnb. But since I was out and about all day, everyday, an Airbnb seemed like the best option to me.

With that being said, I stayed at the South Salt Lake Boho Modern Private Bedroom. My host’s name is Anya and she was absolutely lovely. And her little black cat was cute as well!


For my 3 day stay, this Airbnb was perfect! I had my own room with a pull out bed, the decor was lovely and clean. The location, which is about a 10 minute Uber ride to downtown SLC and the airport, was perfect. It even had amenities like a gym and a swimming pool which was lovely as well.

Things to Know

Since the Airbnb has a private room, which is where you stay, the host’s room if off limits. So, be sure not to go into her room as your room will have your name on it.

Plus, just know that there’s a cat here. It’s the host’s cat and she’s super friendly and fluffy. Very attention seeking, but if you don’t mind a cat then this shouldn’t be a problem. I love cats so this was just a plus when I was looking up Airbnb’s! If need be, the cat can be put away while you’re staying in the room.

The bathroom, which is located immediately to your right side as you walk in, is your bathroom. There’s another bathroom in the host’s room, however that is off limits.

You do have access to everything in the kitchen, you can use the stove and even the Brita filter for water. As long as you clean the dishes afterwards, and conserve water when you can, you’re good to go.


I think the location is perfect for those solo traveling. It was in a relatively safe and quite place. Not to mention you’re like a 10 minute Uber ride from downtown SLC and a 15 minute ride from the airport.

There were some stores to go into but they were a few blocks away from the Airbnb. You were in a more residential area. All around a decent location if you are traveling and looking for a place to stay in Salt Lake City.


This Airbnb was super clean! I must say, it was cleaner than some hotels I’ve been in. Even though this Airbnb has a cat, I literally didn’t see a speck of cat hair, litter, crumbs or anything to indicate an animal was there.


Although I did not use public transportation while I was there, I did notice a train line literally across the street from the Airbnb. If you’re looking to use public transportation while in SLC, then this Airbnb is amazing because there are lines close by which will take you to the downtown area.


The decor was absolutely lovely. The Boho theme was amazing and I loved the little trinkets, decorations, and colors in the rooms. It made the place feel lively and modern, which I really liked. If you’re into this type of decor or theme, then I recommend this place!

Overall, I would recommend this Airbnb, especially if you’re traveling solo for the first time like I was. Anya was sweet and made sure I had everything I needed.

If you’re a female solo traveler and worried about staying in an Airbnb, this one has a female host and the environment felt very safe. It made my experience, and I’m sure your experience as well, very good.