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Top Amazon Travel Essentials Of 2021

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When I’m traveling throughout the year, I’m always on the lookout for products which will make my life easier when traveling. These products need to not only make traveling easier but must hold up against any type of travel I do. You know, those tried and true items. Based on multiple purchases and trial runs for my travels, I’ve narrowed this list down to the best items I’ve bought! These are my top Amazon travel essentials of 2021.

Fanny Pack

When you don’t want to bring a big bag or purse along while traveling, a fanny pack or bum bag is a great alternative! It’s small in size and is a bit more discrete than a huge purse or backpack. You don’t have to worry about leaving it anywhere, because it’s always on you. Plus, this particular fanny pack has tons of pockets with room inside to fit a variety of things.

When I travel with this, I can fit my travel pouch, cameras, phone, wallet, power bank, and more! So much storage for a little fanny pack.

Foldable Backpack

If you like to hike while traveling, but don’t have the space to bring a full-sized hiking backpack, then a foldable backpack is for you! Even if you just use it while traveling to store extra things inside, it’s great to have an extra backpack for your travel needs. Whether that’s hiking, going to the beach, going on a day trip, or shopping, you can’t go wrong with a foldable backpack.

In addition, since it’s a foldable backpack, you’re not taking up room when traveling. You don’t have to pay extra for checked in bags. Just fold it up, put it in your carry-on, and you’re good to go! I use this all the time when I travel. It works for day trips or short hikes. I’ve used it to hold my fins, snorkel set, beach towel, cameras, and more!

DJI Pocket 2

This small but powerful camera is a GAME CHANGER when you’re out and about vlogging. Or, if you’re just capturing videos for home movies, it’s still a great camera. It’s small, discrete size makes it easy to film while being completely lightweight and easy to carry anywhere! Plus, you can film in 4K, it has a built in gimbal stabilizer, and you can take pictures with it. What more could you ask for?

I absolutely love my DJI Pocket 2 camera. It makes vlogging so easy, because it doesn’t draw attention to myself. It’s also very tiny, so it can literally fit into my pocket and I can take it anywhere. Hence why it’s called the DJI Pocket. This little camera always comes with me when I’m traveling.

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Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are amazing for traveling. Of course, you can listen to your music, movies, or T.V. shows while on the plane or anywhere else. But, with the noise canceling feature, it cancels out a lot of the background noise around you.

If you’re trying to focus on watching or listening to something, these headphones will ensure your entertainment is the only thing you can hear. Or, if you’re like me and suffer from travel anxiety, having headphones that cancel the loud noises around you can be calming and reassuring.

These noise canceling headphones by Sony, the Sony WH-1000XM4, are awesome. I turn these on when I’m flying to cancel out the plane noise. I find that this helps me to calm down and relax while flying. Plus, they’re awesome when I’m watching YouTube videos or shows while traveling as well.

Soap Saver

The soap saver is a must have item if you’re traveling with bars of anything. From soap to shampoo and conditioner, the soap saver is the place you put your wet bars on to dry. So, you don’t need to worry about leaving your wet bars in their boxes, containers, or on surfaces to get all icky or soggy.

Microfiber Towel

For those who are traveling to hostels, or any accommodation where you need your own towel, this microfiber towel is your new friend. It’s super absorbent, lightweight, thin, and easy to fold and pack. It doesn’t take up much space at all, so it’s the perfect alternative to big, fluffy towels that take up room. You can also use these towels for the swimming, camping, hiking, for almost anything.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to stay fit and active while traveling. They’re real slim and tiny, so they take up no room in your bag. With varying resistance levels, you have everything you need to make your workout as hard or low impact as you need it to be.

The brand of resistance bands I purchased back in April, “Letsfit”, doesn’t seem to be on Amazon anymore. I did find this alternative that’s similar to what I bought.

Electronics Organizer

If you’re someone like me, and you have tons of cables and chargers for your cameras or devices, then you need an electronics organizer. This one from Side by Side is awesome. The sleek, slim design is great for storing a lot of cables and wires while taking up minimal room in your bag. It’s a great way of staying organized while traveling.

 Face Halo

When you travel with makeup, you have to travel with makeup remover. But carrying those wipes or liquid removers takes up space and liquid allowance. What if there was a way to have a makeup remover that doesn’t have liquid and is reusable?

Meet the Face Halo! This is a very nice, small, and environmental friendly makeup remover. You just rinse it under water and use it to remove your makeup. When you’re done, just wash them and they’re ready for use again! They’re super tiny, thin, and won’t take up room in your luggage. It’s a win-win!

First Aid Kit

No matter where you travel to or how you travel, you should always bring a little first aid kit. You never know when you’re going to need a band aid, gauze pad, or other medical supply to help you. This one from Amazon is the perfect size, because it can fit into your luggage, backpack, and purse.

 Waterproof Pouch

If you’re ever at the beach, the pool, anywhere with water and you don’t want to leave your items unattended, then you need a waterproof pouch. You can fit your phone, wallet, keys, and more in with ease. The triple seal design ensures that no water seeps into the pouch. I tested this out on a few trips where I went to the beach or pool and it works like a charm.

Locking Carabiner

Having spare carabiners while traveling is beneficial. You can use them for a variety of different things, like hoisting items onto your bag or holding things in place. What’s great about these carabiners is that they’re locking carabiners. Meaning, when you clip it on, you can twist the locking mechanism in place and the carabiner stays closed. This carabiner reduces the risk of losing your item(s) or having someone steal it from you.

Survival Paracord Bracelet

A survival paracord bracelet is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors but want to be prepared for an emergency. Whether you’re out hiking, fishing, or doing any other sport, a survival paracord bracelet is your best friend. In case there’s an emergency, you can start a fire, signal for help, use a compass for your surroundings, and use any of the miniature tools built in for survival.

Just be careful with it if you’re going through security, they may stop you because there are blades and sharp items in it.

Day Hiking Backpack

I bought this backpack a few months ago and have used it on several hikes and trips. I’ve taken it on the plan and used it as my carry-on item with no issues. It’s such an understated but great hiking backpack. It holds all of my hiking essentials or travel essentials if I happen to take it on a plane.

Not to mention how it’s super comfy and fits me perfectly, considering I’m a very short women. It even has a bladder reservoir, so you can use it for your water source while hiking. So far, so good and I recommend this backpack for those who are into day hikes, trips, or short travels.

Now, during 2021, I purchased WAY more than what is shown here. Not only would this post be long if I mentioned all the items I purchased but I honestly haven’t had certain ones for too long. Also, I bought a few items but haven’t had the opportunity to use them or test them out. Therefore, I didn’t include them. I included items that I’ve utilized throughout my travels in 2021 multiple times.

But these are my tried and true items purchased this year that have been amazing to me with my travels.