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Crowne Plaza Hotel Review | Woburn, MA

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From October 15th to October 18th, 2021, I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Woburn, Massachusetts. I stayed for a total of 3 nights at this accommodation. The room I stayed in was a single, nonsmoking room with a king bed. At the time, it was a little bit cheaper for a 3 night stay then other locations in or close to Salem. Since I wanted to start my road trip by exploring Salem, I figured staying 30 minutes away wasn’t too bad.

Based on my short stay, I wanted to do a mini review on the hotel. The purpose of my stay at this place was to be as close to Salem as possible. Also, since I spent most of the day out of the hotel, I only went to sleep here. With that in mind, this is my review on the hotel.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel – Woburn, MA

The Woburn area is a lovely location

Woburn, MA is a lovely, little quaint area. It definitely has that cute, small town vibe to it. The selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars in the area are pretty good. I wasn’t expecting that from Woburn since I thought it would be a small area with not much to it.

I went to this awesome Italian restaurant about 5 minutes from the hotel called, “Tremonte Restaurant & Bar“. The menu was awesome, the staff and locals were lovely, and the area was slightly busy on a Friday night. I do recommend this hotel for it’s proximity to Salem but also the Woburn area as well.

Crowne Plaza Hotel – Woburn, MA


In this hotel, there’s a business services area where you have a computer, copier, printer, and other items if you need them for business. Besides the business service area, the Crowne Plaza Hotel has:

  • a health/fitness center on-site
  • indoor pool
  • live entertainment
  • laundry services
  • housekeeping services
  • lounge area
  • a restaurant on premise
Crowne Plaza Hotel - Woburn, MA
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Woburn, MA

There were weird noises in the room

Now, this is pretty strange as I’ve never had something like this happen to me before. There were weird noises in the room. I’m not sure if it was from any passing guests or neighbors? But I know the sound of noisy guests or neighbors and these noises didn’t sound like it. Maybe it was from the equipment, like the refrigerator?

I can’t be too sure. But if you’re traveling alone and get weirded out easily, this would be a very strange experience for you. It definitely was for me.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel Review - Woburn, MA
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Woburn, MA

The shower situation

So, when I used the shower at the end of the day, it made a loud noise. I’m sure this has something to do with age or maybe a faulty part in the shower head. Either way, the sound it made when you turned it on was very loud. Obnoxiously loud, I might say. Kind of like a propeller of some description.

And on a side note from the noise, the water pressure was very hard. I’m very short, so I couldn’t reach the shower head to adjust the pressure. The water pressure and noise didn’t make for a pleasant shower experience. But the shower got the job done and that’s all that matters.

Finally, I have to add that in the shower area, I did see some mold in the corners. It’s not always pleasant to spot mold in the shower. Although I tried my best to avoid looking at it when I showered, you couldn’t help but think about it and the cleanliness of the shower.

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Woburn, MA
Bathroom area

Items in the room were dusty

Upon further examination of items and surfaces in the room, I found them to be very dusty. Like, they haven’t been dusted in months. Now, a little dust here or there isn’t a deal breaker for me. Sometimes, when the hotel is busy and they have a lot of rooms to get through, things don’t always get the love and attention needed.

However, the amount of dust I saw wasn’t the best. I’m sure if you have a dust allergy, you’d had a field day in that room. I tried my best to wipe the surfaces down prior to setting my things on top of them. Overall, the dust situation could’ve been better.

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Woburn, MA

Cost for 3 nights

The cost of this hotel for 3 nights, during the month of October, was about $460.75. Almost $500 for 3 nights. Like I said, this was during the month of October. Prices go WAY up in October because people flock to Salem, and the surrounding areas, for all the Halloween and witchy activities.

I have to say, this was one of the few cheaper options I could find that was relatively close to Salem. I could’ve stayed farther out from Salem for a much cheaper than this hotel. But I didn’t want to drive so far out to Salem everyday. If you’re planning to stay at this hotel during another part of the year, it may be about $100 (give or take a few dollars) cheaper. If you stay during the fall, expect the rate to be higher.

I was ok with the total price I paid, although I wish I would’ve stayed in a cheaper accommodation for such a short time.

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Woburn, MA

Overall Final Thoughts

My final, overall thoughts on the Crowne Plaza Hotel  are decent enough. The location isn’t bad at all and there are a few things to do in the area. Plus, you’re only a 30 minute drive from Salem. Not to mention some of the amenities and restaurant on the premise, this is a decent enough hotel if you’re planning on just spending a few nights here and will be out exploring most of the day.

For the price I paid for 3 nights, I personally wouldn’t go back to this hotel again. The room was ok but for the dust I found, the loud noises, mold, loud shower, I believe there are better options out there. However, if you’re traveling through New England and want to explore Salem, without spending a ton of money on accommodation, then maybe you can look into this hotel.

It’s not a bad hotel by any means. I know there are hotels out there that aren’t the best. Yet, I do believe that there can be a few improvements made for this hotel. Although I wouldn’t stay in this hotel again, at the time of my road trip, it was a decent place to stay that did the job.