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Woodwards White Mountains Resort Review | Lincoln, NH

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In October 2021, I committed to a 7 day solo New England road trip. I stayed at hotels in Massachusetts and in Dover, New Hampshire. However, after my drive along the Kancamagus Highway and exploring Sugar Hill, NH, I ended up in Lincoln, NH.

The resort I stayed at in Lincoln is called the Woodwards White Mountain Resort BW Signature Collection. I stayed in a single room, non-smoking room with two queen beds for the night on October 19th. Based on my one night stay, I decided to do a little review on the room and my experience sleeping here.

Cost of the room

For a single room with two queen beds, non-smoking, it was $98.77 for the night. Compared to the other hotel prices in Woburn, MA and Dover, NH, $98.77 isn’t too bad. From what I could remember, the cheaper options in the area, even 30 minutes away in Sugar Hill, were about $50 at the time. So, I definitely could have gone with a hotel room for a cheaper price.

However, the ratings for this on were good and I was only going to be spending the night there. Since I wanted to visit Franconia Notch State Park, which is only a couple miles away from the resort, I felt that this place was a good option. So, I went with this resort and paid under $100 for the night.

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pond area of the resort

The room itself

Inside the room, there were two queen size beds. This was the only room I could find that was relatively cheap as they didn’t have anymore single rooms with king size beds for a cheap price. The room itself was pretty nice, I’d say. I liked the look and vibe to the place. The bed was very comfy and I had a good night’s rest. The bathroom as well was very nice, I liked the somewhat modern look to it. Overall, it was a decent room with comfy beds.


Now, the Woodwards White Mountain Resort  has a lot of cool amenities. I was really surprised by the amenities and the natural beauty which surrounds this hotel. For starters, this place has:

  • 2 swimming pools (one indoor pool and one outdoor pool)
  • onsite restaurant
  • spa
  • continental breakfast
  • is pet friendly
  • entertainment for families (board games, puzzles, etc.)
  • picnic area
  • lots of activities such as tennis, racquetball, game room, pool, etc. (some of these activities have an additional charge for them)

I was surprised at the amount of amenities this location had. You definitely have quite a few options for everyone, whether you’re solo or with your friends or family.

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two queen size beds


The area surrounding the Woodwards White Mountain Resort is absolutely stunning! First off, the hotel area has a beautiful little pond that’s near the front of the property. So stunning during the day! You’re also near the mountains and not too far from Franconia Notch State Park, so you have the gorgeous mountain views and some options for hiking!

Besides the views, mountains, and state park that’s close by, there really isn’t much else in the area. The little town of Lincoln, where most of the restaurants and other stores are, is about a 10 minute drive from the hotel. Even in that small, little town, you’re somewhat limited. So, be aware of this because if you want to grab something to eat or whatnot, you have to drive back into town.

This area of New Hampshire is known for Franconia Notch State Park, the White Mountains, the various ski lifts, and nature. You do have some restaurants, shops, and cafes but it’s really not a whole lot. So, just be prepared to not see or find a whole lot of shopping or activities outside of what was mentioned. But it’s still a beautiful area nonetheless, especially during the fall!


The staff member at the front dest was very polite and kind. When I finally checked-in for the evening, it was a bit late. I was very tired and I think the man at the front desk could see that, because when I went to check-in he asked for my ID but I had left it in the car by accident. He was patient with me and said he’d wait until I returned with my ID.

He also asked if I needed anything extra for my room, any food since it was late in the evening, and if I needed anything that I could call him. I truly appreciated his mannerism and professionalism, 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Cheeto on the floor near the bed


Now, I was very disappointment with this aspect, at least in my room. Especially since a lot of the reviews on said the premise and rooms were clean. It has a 8.5 rating for cleanliness, which is good. When I entered the room, the overall aesthetic is lovely. The bathroom was lovely and very clean.

However, upon further examination of the room, I found some Cheetos on the floor which I’m guessing were from the previous guests in the room. The tiny Cheetos were on the floor next to one of the beds. It sadden me to see this, especially after good reviews of cleanliness, because it meant that the room wasn’t properly vacuumed or cleaned.

I can deal with maybe a crumb in like the corner of the room. But broken Cheetos piece? I don’t think so. You can have a whole property that’s pretty clean and fresh, but if I spot left over food from other guests in my room, that’s not good. If a hotel is going to be cleanly, everything from the pool to the rooms needs to be clean. If one area is not, then (in my opinion) it brings down my overall thoughts on the cleanliness of the place.


Final thoughts

Overall, I think the Woodwards White Mountain Resort is a lovely resort with a lot of awesome amenities, stunning views of the mountains, and lots of options for hiking, skiing, and other activities. It really is lovely. Plus, the price for a room which is similar to what I got isn’t too bad. If you book well in advance, and depending on the time of year you visit, you can get rooms that are as low as $80.

Yet, it’s that cleanly bit which stops me from rating this place an almost near perfect review. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 starts. A lot of points were lost because I found some Cheetos in the room. Had it not been for that, I would have given this place a 4.5 out of 5 stars. So, it’s sad to see some points docked off but I’m being honest.

Now, I’ve seen reviews of other guests which say positive things about the property and cleanliness. Maybe you or others will have better luck with cleanliness, it’s a shame I didn’t. Otherwise, the resort is pretty cool and within reach of the surrounding mountains, trails, and ski lifts.

Would I go back to this resort? I’m a bit scared to say yes, because I don’t want to have another experience with finding a Cheeto in my room. I would go back for its location and close proximity to trails but not for cleanliness.