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Tälta Lodge Review | Stowe, VT

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Towards the end of my week long solo New England road trip, I stayed at the Tälta Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. I stayed for 2 nights in a single room with a king size bed. I decided to go with this accommodation because it was a 5 minute drive from the center of Stowe, an area I wanted to explore. After my 2 night stay, this is my little review of the lodge.


The price for a single room with a king size bed, for 2 nights, was $364.11. That’s a bit pricey for just a 2 night stay. However, after seeing the aesthetic and overall look of the place, I was quite impressed with it. Compared to the other hotels I’ve stayed in on my trip thus far, the look drew me in. But for a 2 night stay, $364.11 is pricey and is something I wouldn’t want to pay for again.

creek behind Tälta Lodge
creek behind Tälta Lodge


As far as amenities go, there really isn’t a whole lot on the premise but there is some. However, since you’re in the little town of Stowe which has a variety of things to see and do, you don’t necessarily have to have tons of amenities on-site. Here’s what the Tälta Lodge has to offer:

  • steam room
  • sauna
  • outdoor furniture (there’s a lovely creek out back with a lot of yard space)
  • terrace
  • garden
  • fire pit
  • indoor pool
  • skiing (off-site)
  • ski storage
  • concierge
  • baggage storage

Not a whole lot of amenities, I must say. But the lodge does have a beautiful outdoor space with a lovely creek. You can sit in the chairs out back and look at the beautiful scenery. This is the type of accommodation that’s mostly geared towards outdoor activities.

Tälta Lodge
Tälta Lodge


As mentioned, the Tälta Lodge is about a 5 minute drive from the busy little town center. I didn’t realize the little town of Stowe could or would be busy. I guess when the town has beautiful scenery all around, and lots of activities, it’s no wonder why so many tourists flock to this area.

Although it’s a small town, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do in the area. There’s a few things you can do. Of course, peeping at the fall foliage is always a great option. But you can also walk along the recreational path and see some more stunning foliage, and some more of the town as well. You can hike on the nearby trails, snowboard, cycle, ski, visit some museums, and more! I honestly didn’t know that there were so many activities and things to see and do in town.

In addition, you have quite a few shops, stores, restaurants, and cafes. Upon seeing some of the restaurants and cafes during my visit, I’d recommend calling ahead of time and reserving a table to ensure you’re able to get one. Those places seemed to be quite busy throughout the whole day.

Overall, it’s a lovely little area with a lot of options in terms of dining, activities, and accommodation. If I had more time, I would’ve done a few more activities a looked around a bit more. But, due to an unforeseen emergency and how it practically rained the whole time I was there, I couldn’t see or do much.

creek behind the Tälta Lodge
creek behind the lodge

Friendly Staff

The staff at the front desk were very friendly and professional. Very accommodating with a lovely demeanor. I enjoyed the interactions I had with the staff. Although that wasn’t too often, every encounter I had was good.


I absolutely loved the aesthetic and design of the lodge. It has this cool modern mountain, adventure, cabin type of design and aesthetic. The patterns, cool layout of the room, and designs are really fun, creative, and modern. This is what truly drew me to this lodge. When I saw the beautiful layout and interior designs, I knew I had to stay here!

Single king size bed at Tälta Lodge
King size bed

Guest Room

The room itself was beautiful. When I walked in, I couldn’t believe the cool things that were inside. Each room has this really cool mountain and adventure type of design. From the pillows to the fun layout on the wall, I was really impressed. I’ve never seen a room like this before, so the overall aesthetic and vibe was different but very interesting to me.

Plus, the room I was given had front door access to the parking lot. I liked this because I had a lot of things to load to and from my car. So, having a room with front door access to the parking lot made my life easier. However, I was given the choice at check-in to stay in a room that had either access to the front or a deck out back. I went with a front room for convenience but if you’re here for a relaxing stay, go for the rooms out back with a deck and view of the foliage!

One thing I will note about my single room is that it was very small. I mean, smaller than I would’ve thought it would be. I’m not too sure if all the rooms in this lodge are on the small side. I can imagine if you had double beds in the room, you’d need more space. But I’m not sure if the overall room space would still be small, compared to a typical hotel room size.

Even the bathroom and shower space were small too. This was a very small place and it made me feel a bit cramped. It was only me in the room, so I made do with the available space. If you’re staying with more people, just double check the room size and ensure it’s big enough.


The room I had was very cleanly. There was no dust, crumbs, dirt, or anything of the sort. They did an awesome job of maintaining the rooms. The only thing I will say is that the floors are wood floors. So, if you’re going in and out of the room from the outside, the floors will tend to get a bit dirty.

However, that’s not the fault of the lodge or staff. It’s something I thought I’d mention. I guess one solution would be to take your shoes off before you enter the room so you’re not tracking dirt and whatnot from outside. This might not mean much to people but if you’re like me, then seeing and feeling dirt on hard wood floors is a bit triggering.

outdoor area of Tälta Lodge
Outdoor area of Tälta Lodge

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Tälta Lodge. Although the room was a bit small and pricey, the surrounding scenery and town are lovely. The aesthetic and design of the room was creative and awesome. Cleanliness was on point but it was hard (on my behalf) to keep the floors clean since they were wood. I honestly didn’t have anything bad to say about this place.

If you’re looking to visit Stowe and need a place to stay, I’d recommend the Talda Lodge.