COVID-19…What Now?

These are unprecedented and stressful times we’re living in. There’s so much going on with the world that we’ve all had to take a step back to process things and figure out where we go from here. In that sense, the travel industry has been badly effected by COVID-19 and travel to other countries, and even within country borders, is limited as quarantines and stay at home orders are in effect.

I know I, and I’m sure many of you as well, have felt the shockwaves of the virus and have had a hard time coping and adjusting to the new “normal”. One of the things that’s still very hard for me to cope with is not being able to travel.

I absolutely love traveling and I know I’ll be doing a lot of traveling once this pandemic is over! But for now, I am following state and federal orders to help curb the virus so we can get out once more. Although I can’t physically travel right now, that isn’t stopping me from planning my next travel destinations!

Making the Most of My Time

Just because I’m stuck inside doesn’t mean I’m going to do nothing! Here are some things that can be done while at home.

Research more Places to Travel to 

If you’re a travel addict like me, then your craving is never satisfied! There’s a plethora of places to travel to and I know I’m only adding to that list as time goes on. I’ve added Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Spain, Mexico, and so many other countries to my list that this post would be like 3 pages long.                                                     

Work on Finances 

Now that we have to stay at home, and everything is very limited, now is  the time to work on getting finances in order! That’s right, working on paying off any debt if you’re able to, start saving up some money, and anything else you have to do to get that in check.For me, since I work from home now I can really save up for travel related things and pay off my credit cards because I don’t have to go out and use up so much money from my bank account or credit cards. However, everyone’s situation looks different and how you plan on working on finances depends on your current financial situation and needs. But, if you’re able to, use this time to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE UP!                                                                                                                                                                         

List out Activities to do

With that growing list of travel spots to visit, you got to plan out all the activities or events you want to do while visiting. Each activity or event you want to list will depend on your specific interests and travel destination. Or, if you’re down to just explore whatever activities that are happening that’s awesome too! I’m definitely making a list for my London trip in 2021 (granted things are better then) of different things I want to do!                 

Start Preparing

Now, the sooner you start planning things out the better success you’ll have! This is true even now during this pandemic, because you can truly focus on planning every step of your journey so you’re better prepared. For me, I plan on traveling to London in 2021, and I am using my extra time at home to truly look into preparations, and possibly booking tickets, activities, plane ticket costs, and other expenses. Being as that’s the type of person I am, if I’m able to book it sooner rather than later then that’s what I’m going to do!

Although we don’t know what next year will bring, I am staying positive and hoping that things get better so we all can start traveling again. And when things to return to normal, we’ll all be prepared to go through with those plans!

What if I can’t do this?

If you’re unable to commit to doing the research, planning out trips, booking things, or working on your finances, it’s ok!! Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another, and depending on your unique situation you may not be able to think about travel right now. You need to prioritize what’s important for you, and thinking about traveling may not make the cut.However, if and when you’re able to start planning and researching travel destinations, I strongly encourage you to do so! Not only is it a good distraction from what’s going on now, but it is something that you can look forward to doing once things are better in the world. For me, doing my research and planning for my trips is what’s keeping me sane and motivated. It gives me something to look forward to and to work towards, and I know after all of this we all deserve some time off to travel!

Stay safe guys!!