10 Activities To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans is a city built from the interwoven presence of cultures throughout history. Those influences can be seen from the beautiful architecture to the dialect, creole cuisine, music, nightlife, and fun events! To narrow it down, here are 10 activities you can partake in while in New Orleans.

1. Plethora of Tours

The number of tours are endless in this city! Here, you’ll find a variety of tours ranging from historical to paranormal and cultural.

Want to take a tour of the famous St. Louis Cemetery #1, no problem! Take a tour of the building architectures? Plantations? Paranormal? How about a swamp tour? You name it, they have it!

When my boyfriend and I went there back in November of 2020, we went a few tours such as a swamp tour, paranormal, and serial killers tour. You can read my post about our 6 Day New Orleans Itinerary.

2. Festivals

When you’re in a city there’s always something going on! That’s one of the many beauties of cities. In New Orleans, you’ll see all types of festivals.

Art festivals, music festivals, cultural, theatre, Mardi Gras, the list goes on! One thing is for sure, you’ll never have a dull moment with all these festivals going on!

3. Attractions

In NOLA, you have your fair pick of attractions. Believe me, there’s so many to choose from.

Steamboat rides, strolls through beautiful parks, shopping centers, the Audubon Zoo, and walks down lovely side streets are just a few of the many attractions!

4. Nightlife Fun

When in New Orleans, explore the night life! Go into a jazz club, or down to Bourbon St. to one of the many bars, and you’ll see why it’s famous!

Music, dancing, and especially drinking, are all part of the NOLA culture and experience! It’s the pulse that beats throughout the whole city and you’ll miss out if you don’t take a chance to explore it.

5. Sports

If and when you’re in the area, and there are games in golf, basketball, or football, then make sure to head down to the stadiums and courts!

I’m not much of a sports fan but New Orleans is home to the New Orleans Saints (football), the Pelicans (basketball), and much more!

6. French Quarter and Bourbon St.

If you travel to New Orleans and don’t visit the French Quarter or Bourbon St., then can you really say you’ve visited NOLA?

These neighborhoods are just one of the many things the city is known for! There, you’ll find beautiful, colorful buildings with French architecture and designs. Not to mention the French Market, cute little boutiques, and a fun nightlife, they’re a must on your list for New Orleans.

7. Exploring Museums

There are lots of museums in New Orleans for different areas or genres. There’s museums for music, the arts, WWII, and more!

Museums are also an awesome way to learn more about an area you’re exploring so I recommend you check some of them out!

8. Listening to Music

Music, especially jazz, is at the heart of New Orleans. You have to check out the music festivals they have. Or, just walk into a restaurant which has  jazz performances.

Maybe a music club? A music museum to enhance your knowledge about the history of jazz and its presence in New Orleans? Whatever your preference is, you have to experience the music scene for yourself.

9. Dining Experience

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete unless dining was on it. New Orleans is known for its Creole cuisines and Cajun recipes! It’s absolutely delicious.

There are numerous tours which offer to take you around to explore restaurants with scrumptious dishes which are common in NOLA. If you prefer, just walk around and find some cafes or restaurants to try some authentic dishes!

10. Walking Exploration

Finally, you can always walk around and explore some hidden gems in the city! My boyfriend and I spent many days in New Orleans just wandering around the side streets.

With no set schedule or tour in mind, you’ll definitely find and see amazing things when you take the time to walk around.