My Travel Bucket List

We all have a bucket list of things we want to see or do at some point in our lives. Our bucket lists gives us something to work towards, something to look forward to, and something that we can say “yes, I’ve accomplished this!”

My travel bucket list honestly seems to be never ending as I’m always checking things off and adding new destinations. There are a lot of places I’ve been too already, but I know there’s a whole world out there that I’ve yet to explore. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

To keep this post relatively short I’m going to list my top 10 bucket list places to visit!


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Amsterdam is such a beautiful city! It is such a charming little European city, filled with beautiful architecture, museums, canals, and activities that it’s hard not to love it!


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From the beautiful city of Tokyo to Mount Fuji, stunning cherry blossoms, shrines, and a vast and colorful history, Japan is definitely up there on my list!


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Australia is a vast and beautiful place! There’s such a variety of sea life and animal species, and with all the natural and varying landscape there’s so much to explore. The thriving cities and attractions of Sydney and Melbourne, to the beaches along the coast and the vast desserts, Australia is on my list for sure! 


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Now, I know that within the whole continent of Africa there are about 54 countries. But that still doesn’t make this process of picking one specific bucket list location easy! I want to visit all of the wonderful countries on the continent! Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, the list goes on. Who wouldn’t want to visit the Sahara Desert, or take a safari ride to see all of nature’s wonders, or see the breath taking mountains and different terrain? I know I do!


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Russia is HUGE! It’s so big that it spans 11 different time zones, how crazy is that?! There is so much history, such a wide range of terrain, amazing cities, tons of museums and culture! There’s a wide variety of cultures, ethnic groups, languages and inhabitants which makes Russia quite a unique place. 


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Can we just talk about these northern lights? Like, look at how stunning they are!!! Not to mention the beautiful mountains and seas that surround Norway. With such an array of outdoor nature activities, sight seeing, UNESCO sights, museums, and events there’s no way you can go wrong with visiting this Nordic country!


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It does seem a little crazy, I get it. Who would want to go to Antartica? However, there are tours and cruises that visit Antartica and let me tell you this is one of the most expensive trips you’ll every take. Just taking the trip or cruise, without airfare, will cost thousands of dollars! But that’s not going to stop me. It would be an honor to see the glorious glaciers, animal life, and surrounding scenery in my lifetime before they are gone forever due to global warming. 


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Alaska is America’s last frontier; there’s so much of the state that has yet to be fully explored, it just remains a vast, untouched space. Although it’s not near the mainland of the USA, it is still part of the 50 states. There are so many natural wonders, wildlife, national parks, whale watching, it’s a breath taking sight to behold. I’d love to see the picturesque nature scenery and rugged terrain Alaska has to offer. Whether I get there by a cruise or fly out there, I’ve got to check out all of the natural beauty Alaska has to offer!


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Who doesn’t want to visit Switzerland? I mean, look at those mountains! The whole country is very mountainous and I’d give anything to see it in person. Tours of the mountains, landscape, and UNESCO sites? Yes please!


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Come on, look at that view! The blue waters, beautiful buildings lines along the cliff side, Greece is for sure on my bucket list! The last time I was in Europe, I wasn’t able to go because I ran out of money. But that beautiful picture keeps me motivated! Clear blue waters along beaches, history all around you, fantastic culture and traditions, and numerous UNESCO sites to see!

These are just my top 10 general places I’d love to visit but it is by all means not my only list. It would take me forever to go through all the smaller details, the specific countries in Africa, small towns in countries, specific destinations or tours to take, there’s so much! I can’t even narrow it down to specific towns or cities as I’d love to explore everything! Cities, towns, villages, mountains, deserts, you name it I want to explore it!

I have other travel bucket lists that are more specific, like traveling to all 50 states in the USA. But those are for future post.