31 Products YOU NEED for your Travels

Having the right products with you while you travel is such a life saver. You never knew you needed them, up until you needed to use them. Even the tiniest of items which seem insignificant can come in handy. Here are 31 products you need for your travels that will make traveling a whole lot easier.

All of these items on the list are in my collection and I’ve been using them for a while now. I’ve taken them on many trips throughout the past few years and I highly recommend them.

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1. Luggage Locks – $22.95

Luggage locks should be a staple in any traveler’s collection. From your checked bags to backpacks in hostel dorms, a luggage lock protects your luggage from those with sticky fingers. I used these for my backpack when I went to London and stayed in a hostel dorm, they’re amazing!

2. Power Strip – $27.99

A power strip is something you shouldn’t travel without. I’m here to tell you that if you carry a lot of tech/electronic equipment (like myself), having this comes in handy. You can plug all of your electrical items into the strip and have it all in one place. Plus, the 6ft cord means you can plug it in and have it stretch anywhere in the room.

3. Joby Gorilla Tripod – $46.99

The Joby Gorilla Tripod is a very popular tripod for those with DSLR, mirrorless, or compact cameras. I recently purchased one for my Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera and it is a great item. It’s sturdy, well balanced, and can literally be placed or bent onto anything to get the angle you’re looking for.

4. Movo VXR10 Microphone – $39.95

The Movo VXR10 Microphone was recommended to me by a Twitter follower and fellow vlogger. If you’re looking for a microphone, with a wind muff, for your camera, look no further! This has pretty good sound quality for your camera, laptop, or phone at a reasonable price.

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5. Small Electronic Organizer – $8.99

A small electronic organizer, like this one is perfect for the minimalist traveler. If you have some cables or small bits that need to be stored and organized, but don’t want a big organizer, this is for you! It’s great for those looking to carry those smaller things but don’t want to sacrifice a large amount of room in their luggage.

6. 58mm Universal Snap-On Lens – $8.99

Having a spare lens cap is a life saver if, like me, you lose or lost the original cap to your camera lens. This one is great because it has an elastic cable which goes around your lens AND has a string attached to the cap itself, so if you take the cap off, it’s not going to fall. It’ll dangle at the bottom of your camera and you won’t have to worry about losing your lens cap again.

7. Survival Paracord Bracelet – $13.99

If you’re into hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity, having a survival paracord bracelet is essential. I love this, because they’re tiny and equipped with a lot of essential, life saving items like a mini knife, paracord, compass, whistle, and more. Just be careful when taking these through TSA. Because of the tiny, sharp items in these, they may be taken off you if you put it in your carry-on or personal bag. If you put these in your checked bag, you should be fine.

8. BAGSMART Toiletry Bag – $22.99

This BAGSMART Toiletry Bag came in very handy when I had a ton of toiletry items for my travels and didn’t want to bring two separate, clear toiletry bags. Everything I needed to bring with me fit into the 4 compartments. What’s even better was that I could hang this bag in the bathroom or anywhere that can hold a hook. This is a great option for those who carry a lot of toiletries and want them organized all in one place.

9. Saramonic Omnidirectional Microphone – $24.95

The Saramonic SR-XM1 3.5mm TRS Omnidirectional Microphone is a smaller option if you’re looking to bring a microphone with you on your travels. If you don’t want to bring a bigger mic with a wind muff and other accessories, then this is a smaller and cheaper option. It’s not the greatest of mics but the quality is good and it gets the job done. 

10. iPad Pro Adapter – $49.99

If you travel with an iPad Pro, this adapter is for you. You can mount it on the right corner of your iPad Pro, plug it in, and work away. If you need to load or back up videos, pictures, anything really and need multiple inputs, this does it all. It’s also small so you can fit it in any luggage you take with you. If you don’t have an iPad, don’t worry. You can use this in a laptop as well like the Macbooks, as long as the input is USB-C.

11. Micro Lock – $5.98

These micro locks from Nite are just the items you didn’t think you needed until you needed them. They’re perfect for locking items which have very small radiuses for putting locks through, if that makes sense. For example, my Vera Bradley backpack’s zipper holes were too small for my luggage locks. So, I used these micro locks to lock them up when I stayed in a London hostel. They worked amazingly!

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12. Waterproof Fanny Packs – $15.99

These waterproof fanny packs are just the items you need for those days where you’re at the beach, pool, lake, or any other water source. If you’re worried about leaving your items or valuables unattended while you’re in the water, you can put them in these waterproof fanny packs. They have a triple zip locking system with a fold down top, so no water will get inside. I used this when I went to Miami Beach and let me tell you, no water got inside and none of my valuables got wet while I was in the water.

13. Locking Carabiners – $14.99

Locking carabiners are a game changer! No need to worry about someone stealing your item or having the carabiner accidentally fall off. Locking carabiners allow you to hook or attach whatever you need, and lock the carabiner into place, with no stress. These are super handy for any traveler!

14. Reusable Drinking Straw – $5.95

Having a reusable drinking straw is a very sustainable way of limiting or eliminating the plastic straws you use when traveling. Use this for any drink, wash it, and reuse for another drink. Plus, it’s small and easy to take with you on any trip.

15. First Aid Kit – $14.95

Having a first aid kit on hand when you travel is essential for those emergences. Whether it’s a simple bandaid for a cut or something more, you’re better prepared to handle a situation with a first aid kit on hand. This precise one comes prepackaged with bandaids, mini scissors, tweezers, gauze, and other items. It’s tiny so it can fit into any luggage you take on your travels.

16. Microfiber Towel – $19.29

A large but lightweight and compact microfiber towel is something every traveler should have. Perfect to use as a bath towel or a beach towel. A microfiber towel is very light but super absorbent and easy to pack. You don’t have to worry about your towel being big or bulky to take with you when you have a microfiber towel!

17. Clear Toiletry Bag – $10.98

A clear toiletry bag is just a staple for travelers all over. When going through security at the airport, it’s better to have a clear toiletry bag so they can easily see the items you’re bringing. These clear toiletry bags come in a set of 2, are TSA approved, and are great for storing your liquid or solid toiletry items. I’ve used them on plenty of trips and usually don’t have a problem with them when going through security.

18. Face Halo – $22

The Face Halo is a great alternative to makeup remover wipes, micellar water, and other makeup removing items. Why? Because the Face Halo pads are reusable and only take water to remove your makeup. You just put them under some water and start using it. This not only is more eco friendly but it reduces the amount of liquids and bulky items you take when traveling.

19. SIDE by SIDE Electronic Organizer – $26.96

This slim electronic organizer from SIDE by SIDE is amazing when it comes to organizing your cables and any other small electronic items. This organizer can fit about 8 (or more) cables, microSD cards, SD cards, power bricks, and more. I can even fit my external hard drive in there and the charging docks for my cameras. This two section design and slim fit allows you to fit tons of items inside without it being too bulky or heavy.

20. Resistance Bands – $12.95

If you’re looking to get a workout in while traveling, then resistance bands are something worth investing in. The ones I purchased from Amazon are no longer on there but these are a good alternative. By using resistance bands you can easily add resistance to any workout you do, which simulates using weights. I love strength training but while traveling, having access to dumbbells is not always an option. If you’re like me, then resistance bands is a great substitute and can ensure you still get in a good workout.

21. Mask Fin Snorkel Set – $44.09

Having a fin, mask, and snorkel set for those travels where you’re in or near water is a must have. Traveling to the Caribbean, Thailand, or the Maldives? Be sure to get this fin, mask, and snorkel set so you can see the beautiful water and all the sea life in it. I’ve used this set at a couple beaches and pools now, and it’s awesome!

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22. Soap Saver – $11.99

Have solid bar shampoo, condition, even soap but don’t know where to put them once they’re wet? The soap saver is here to save you (pun intended)! Put your wet bars onto a soap saver and allow them to drive over night. No need to worry about getting your solid bar container all gross and wet when you use this soap saver beforehand. I’ve used this countless times on my travels and I’ll continue to use it on my future trips.

23. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones – $348

The Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones are a great pair of headphones. Not only are they amazing for sound but they’re also great for their noise canceling capabilities. This comes in handy when you’re in a noisy place and need to cancel out the noise around you. When I’m on a noisy plane, or when I was in my hostel room, I used these to cancel outside noise and they worked like a dream. They’re a bit pricey but so worth it! Don’t worry, they come with a case, charging cable, and a cable to connect it to your device’s audio jack.

24. DJI Pocket 2 – $349

Yet another pricey but great item that’s worth buying! The DJI Pocket 2 is such an underrated little camera. If you’re into vlogging or taking casual videos and photos, I recommend this camera. It’s small and lightweight, which makes it easy to take with you on your travels. Easily fit it into your purse, bag, backpack, or luggage without any hassle. Not only is it small and light but the video and photo qualities are amazing. Plus, the built in gimbal stabilizing mechanism makes it that much easier to ensure steady videos or photos. I’ve taken and used this on many trips, and I honestly love this for discrete vlogging.

25. Foldable Backpack – $19.99

Owning a foldable backpack is super beneficial to a traveler. It’s features allow a traveler to use it as a regular day backpack anytime, then fold it up, and take it anywhere you travel. This backpack even has a chest strap and a whistle on it for safety. I’ve used my foldable backpack countless times on my travels. It fits into any backpack I take and I use it as a day backpack. It’s great because it’s light but fits a lot of things in it.

26. Fanny Pack – $20.39

Whether you’re a male or female, having a fanny pack when you travel is great for all travelers alike. It allows you to keep your items close to you, in front of you, while traveling so it makes it less likely for someone to steal your belongings. I love using this fanny pack when I travel because it has 4 zip compartments and a 5th one in the back of the pack. It can hold a surprising amount inside and it stays on me no matter where I am, or what I’m doing.

27. RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet – $16.85

Now, I had to find an alternative to the wallet I have because, apparently, the one I purchased is not on Amazon anymore. But this RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet is similar to the one I have. The purpose of a RFID wallet is to prevent card readers from scanning your card information. This one is small and slim, and holds up to 12 cards plus some cash on the clip piece. A great way to carry your cards while traveling.

28. Universal Travel Adapter – $16.73

When traveling abroad, a universal travel adapter is a must. This adapter is awesome because it has prong plugs for every country, 4 USB slots, and an additional area to plug your home prongs into. It’s small and can easily fit in any luggage. I’ve used this a lot when traveling within the USA and abroad. If I’m not using the adapter piece when I’m abroad, I mostly use it in the states for the amount of USB slots it has. Which means, I can bring the cables to my devices, use only the USB slot, and have everything charge off one outlet.

29. Osprey Packing Cubes – $37.95

Let me tell you, this Osprey packing cube set is amazing for organizing your items. Packing cubes are a great way of organizing your items and allowing for extra space in your luggage. I have a whole blog post about this topic, which you can read here. Needless to say, the Osprey packing cubes are much needed for any travels. The material is very lightweight, flexible, and durable, which makes it the perfect item to use for your travels.

30. Laundry Bag – $12

A laundry bag is great for separating your clean and dirty clothes. No need to put dirty and clean clothes together in your luggage when you can separate them. If you need to do laundry, or drop your bag off, it’s convenient and easy to make that happen when you have a separate laundry bag to use.

31. Power Bank – $26.95

The last thing you want to be is out and about with a low battery on your phone, and no way of charging it. A portable power bank is a travel essential. You’ll never run out of battery on your phone or any electronic device again.